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About Us
About Us
Ocean Renewable Power Company, Inc. (ORPC) is a global leader in hydrokinetic power system technology and project solutions. We are a committed and experienced team of professionals that sets a high standard for environmentally suitable river and ocean power solutions that solve the problem of high cost, environmentally risky electricity generation in "islanded" communities -- i.e., remote populations that are surrounded by uninhabited land or water and isolated from larger inhabited areas.

Worldwide we are the only company to have built, operated and delivered power to a utility grid from a hydrokinetic tidal project, and to a local microgrid from a hydrokinetic river project. ORPC is committed to working with local communities, partners and supply chains, ensuring that projects create economic opportunities for host communities and are compatible with other water users.

ORPC is commercializing proprietary tidal and river power systems (TidGen® and RivGen®) which use our patented technology platform - the turbine generator unit or TGU - as the core component.

Utilizing our TidGen® Power System, ORPC built and operated the first revenue-generating, grid-connected tidal energy project in North America in 2012, which was the first non-barrage ocean energy project to deliver power to a utility grid anywhere in the Americas. In 2015 ORPC installed and delivered power from our RivGen® Power System to the local microgrid in the remote village of Igiugig, Alaska, significantly decreasing the community's diesel fuel use.

ORPC has developed a globally respected knowledge database of fisheries and marine life interaction with our power systems, and to date, "no known adverse impacts" have been observed in either river or ocean environments. We are committed to protecting marine life and understanding the interaction between the marine environment and our power systems. ORPC's industry-leading approach to environmental monitoring includes the use of innovative monitoring technologies and methodologies, informed modifications to monitoring through adaptive management, and the establishment of best management practices. These techniques are pursued in collaboration with regulatory agencies and technical advisors under project adaptive management plans.

Every ORPC project is carried out in collaboration with local communities, universities, environmental agencies, fishing industry groups, and other major stakeholders. ORPC's Maine USA Tidal Energy Project has already brought more than $26 million into the state economy, and has created or helped retain more than 100 jobs in 14 Maine counties. Similar benefits are being realized in Alaska USA, where the company is actively working with local groups to make tidal and river energy a reality. There, ORPC has invested over $3.2 million since 2009, and has 60 partners and contractors throughout the state.

In 2013 ORPC Solutions was launched to offer expert site assessment, project development, regulatory management and other professional services to companies and organizations involved in the ocean and river energy industries internationally.

Going forward, ORPC is pursuing new strategic and financial partnerships that will allow us to expand our operations in North America and supply ORPC technology and expertise to regions around the world where ocean and river energy resources exist.