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Since 2004, ORPC has been hard at work developing breakthrough technology and eco-conscious projects that use ocean and river currents to produce clean, predictable electricity to power our homes and businesses while protecting our environment. We believe that our ocean and river power systems not only can, but must, be designed to preserve the world's marine ecosystems. They should provide renewable supplies of clean energy that are both reliable and affordable. They should be compatible with other marine industries, and should create quality, sustainable jobs and other economic opportunities in their surrounding communities.

ORPC's unique power systems and projects embody every aspect of this philosophy. We are one of the few companies in the world to have generated electricity from tidal currents without using dams, which can upset the balance of marine environments, and we monitor our equipment carefully to ensure there are no adverse effects on sea life. Every ORPC project is carried out in collaboration with local communities, universities, environmental agencies, fishing industry groups, and other major stakeholders. ORPC's Maine Tidal Energy Project has already brought more than $8 million into the state economy, and has created or helped retain more than 100 jobs in 13 Maine counties. In the next seven to ten years, investment in Maine's tidal energy industry could reach $1 billion or more. These same benefits will be realized in Alaska and Nova Scotia, where we are also actively working with local groups to make tidal and river energy a reality.

ORPC develops its proprietary power systems and project sites simultaneously, which means that as our systems reach commercial scale, some of North America's best tidal energy sites will be licensed and ready for project installation. We're partnering with local utilities and community-based renewable energy developers and obtaining the required permits to install our power systems in world-class tidal resources in Maine, Alaska and Nova Scotia. Combined, our sites have the potential to generate more than 300 megawatts of clean, predictable electricity.

Going forward, ORPC will be forging new strategic and financial partnerships that will allow us to expand our operations in North America, and eventually offer our technology and expertise to ocean and river energy projects worldwide.