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Beta TidGen Project

Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) is a hydrokinetic industry leader developing proprietary power systems and commercial-scale projects that convert tidal, river and deep water ocean currents into clean, reliable, economic supplies of renewable electricity. As a vital next step in commercializing its family of modular power systems, ORPC carried out the Beta Pre-Commercial TidGen™ Power System Project (Beta TidGen™ Project), as described below. The Beta TidGen™ Project is the second tidal energy demonstration project ORPC has successfully implemented. The first, ORPC's yearlong Prototype TGU Demonstration Project in 2008, proved the technical viability of ORPC's proprietary turbine generator unit (TGU), the core component of ORPC's power systems.

In mid-2009, ORPC commenced the Beta TidGen™ Project's design phase, which improved and expanded on the prototype TGU's design to create a complete commercial-scale hydrokinetic power system, the Beta Pre-Commercial TidGen™ Power System (Beta TidGen™ System). In early March 2010, ORPC launched the Beta TidGen™ System—the largest ocean energy device ever deployed in U.S. waters—at the company's FERC-permitted site in Cobscook Bay, adjacent to Eastport and Lubec, Maine. ORPC fully commissioned the system in early August and carried out the project through mid-December 2010.