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About Us
ORPC Solutions
Strategic Management, Targeted Skills, Proven Execution

ORPC Solutions, LLC, the strategic advisory services arm of Ocean Renewable Power Company, provides to clients, the same technical, project development, and strategic advisory expertise that have proven successful for ORPC.

ORPC Solutions is founded in our commitment to innovation and results, and is fueled by our highly skilled team of professionals. We approach assignments with an ownership mindset, and strive to reduce risk, increase certainty and manage costs effectively from the outset. We efficiently and effectively develop and execute complex, first-of-a-kind projects, and present a realistic and comprehensive view of the development pathway and costs.

ORPC Solutions has a proven track record of determining initial feasibility, financial modeling and regulatory pathways, and successfully managing all facets of complex projects. From technical site assessment to community outreach, and construction management to environmental monitoring, we specialize in creating executable strategies that bring the appropriate level of expertise to your project at the right time.

ORPC and ORPC Solutions are known around the world for our commitment to collaborate with local communities, regulators, elected officials, economic development groups, fishermen and other key stakeholders.

ORPC now offers a broad spectrum of professional services for river and ocean energy projects, including:
  • Feasibility of development in remotely located communities and regions
  • Grant and related investment procurement
  • Resource and site assessment
  • Grid interconnection and integration analysis
  • Community outreach
  • Marketing and communications
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Engineering management
  • Construction management
  • Supply chain training, development and management
  • Permitting and licensing
  • Environmental monitoring strategies
  • Adaptive management approaches
  • Power purchase agreements and environmental attribute sales
  • Management of device operations, inspection, maintenance and safety
  • Operator training