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RivGen® Power System

The RivGen® Power System is specifically designed for generating reliable, renewable electricity in rivers near remote, "islanded" communities with no access to large, centralized power grids. Whether surrounded by expanses of uninhabited land or water, these communities pay up to 15 times more than the cost of power from a utility grid because of their reliance on diesel fuel generators. This method of electricity generation is expensive and environmentally risky due to the logistics of obtaining, delivering and storing fuel, as well as the toxic emissions.

The RivGen® Power System connects directly into existing community grids and provides automatic fuel-switching so that whenever the RivGen® System is generating power, the diesel generator automatically turns down or off. It incorporates a pontoon support structure with a ballasting system which allows the device to self-deploy and retrieve under the control of an operator on a nearby support vessel. This is important because these communities typically do not have any meaningful infrastructure or equipment to support an equipment-intensive operation. All installation, inspection, maintenance and retrieval activities can be managed with locally-available vessels and labor.

The RivGen® device consists of a two-turbine TGU supported by a chassis incorporating a pontoon support structure that acts as a foundation when the device is deployed on the riverbed, and provides its self-deployment and retrieval capabilities. The system components fit into standard shipping containers so they arrive at the site ready to be assembled and installed. The device is assembled on shore, towed to the deployment location, secured to anchor lines, and deployed to the riverbed. Each RivGen® System can generate up to 35kW in a 7.5-foot-per-second (2.25 meters/second) current with a maximum output of 50kW. Depending on community needs and site size, an array of RivGen® Power Systems may be deployed.