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TidGen® Power System

ORPC’s TidGen® Power System is designed to generate emission-free electricity at tidal and deep river sites. The four-turbine TidGen® TGU is secured to the ocean floor using either a fixed bottom support frame (BSF) or a buoyant tensioned mooring system (BTMS), which incorporates a pod, or wing, above the TGU that provides buoyancy and is secured to the sea floor using an innovative tensioned mooring system. The BTMS allows the TidGen® TGU to be deployed in water depths of up to hundreds of feet. Whether to use a BSF or BTMS is determined by actual site conditions.

A complete TidGen® Power System usually consists of an array of several TidGen® devices with the output from each device connected to an underwater power consolidation module, which is connected to an on-shore station using a single underwater power cable. Depending on the peak current velocity at the site, the nameplate capacity of the TidGen® TGU can be as much as 600 kW. In sites with deep water, up to four TidGen® TGUs can be “stacked” and secured using a single BTMS.