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Turbine Generator Unit

ORPC power systems generate clean, predictable renewable electricity by harnessing the energy of the world’s river and ocean currents. Rather than relying on dams, which can be costly and detrimental to marine environments, the kinetic energy of currents is captured with in-stream, hydrokinetic, power systems designed around our proprietary turbine generator unit, or TGU. This core technology works on the same principle as a paddle wheel, with the rotating foils powering a gearless, central permanent magnet generator that converts the rotational energy into grid-compatible electricity. Because water is 800 times denser than air, ORPC TGUs provide significant power at relatively low water current speeds. Built primarily with composite materials, the TGU resists corrosion in fresh and salt water alike.

The ORPC TGU has a modular design that makes it easy to adapt to the needs of different site environments, and can be configured differently depending on whether a single unit or a multiple device array is required. Our ocean power systems are secured to the seabed with either fixed bottom support frames, or buoyant tension mooring systems consisting of a buoyancy pod and tensioned mooring lines. In deeper water sites, more than a single TGU can be attached to a buoyant tension mooring system to double or triple generating capacity. ORPC river systems incorporate a pontoon support structure with a ballasting system which allows the device to self-deploy and retrieve under the control of an operator on a nearby support vessel. In all instances, ORPC power systems are deployed at a depth safe for marine vessels above, and marine life below, and “no known adverse impacts” have been observed in fisheries and marine life interactions with our power systems.