ORPC’s patented turbine generator unit, or TGU, is the core technology component used in all ORPC power systems.

ORPC’s TGU is unique and proven:

  • Multiple cross flow turbines drive a single generator
  • Low vertical profile allows deployment in shallower sites
  • Easier to install and maintain with lower life cycle cost
  • Emission-free electricity is generated from river and tidal currents

ORPC power systems are constructed in modular fashion for ease of assembly, transport, installation and retrieval, and because of the common core technology, are easily scaled up or down in size.

Efficiencies in the supply chain are achieved by utilizing system components similar to those found in the automobile or agricultural industries, such as generators, struts and bearings.

ORPC designs its devices to generate clean renewable energy and manufactures them sustainably too.


Readily recyclable carbon steel comprises 93% of the RivGen® Power System. Innovations in design, such as using recycled carbon fiber will help ORPC achieve a 100% recyclable renewable energy device.

Intermittent renewables change the operation of grids and require large amounts of storage, while ORPC’s RivGen Power Systems help strengthen grids and enable grid use by other renewables with proper storage sizing.

The RivGen Power System provides an affordable renewable energy solution, resulting in decreased diesel dependence, lower carbon emissions, and less noise and environmental risk, while allowing for integration of other, non-predictable renewable power sources.

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