With 70 residents, the village of Igiugig is located in southwestern Alaska at the mouth of the Kvichak River and Lake Iliamna. Its population consists mainly of Yup’ik Eskimos, Aleuts and Athabascan Indians, and the Lake Iliamna and Kvichak River water system is renowned for having the best sportfishing in all of Alaska. The salmon and other fish that use this system are also a critical source of food for many community members in the region.

ORPC is partnered with the Igiugig Village Council and local contractors on a multi-year project that includes the installation of two RivGen devices, an upgrade of smart grid electronics and controls and the use of a battery energy storage system to reduce the community’s diesel consumption by 60-90%, provide a savings in operational costs, and reduce environmental risk.

Now the longest operating marine energy project on the continent, ORPC’s RivGen Power System is providing electricity daily to Igiugig and exemplifies ORPC’s sustainable energy solution for remote communities worldwide.

“We identified an ideal partnership with ORPC. We admired their founders and philosophy. We liked their professionalism and high character. We appreciate the manner in which ORPC collaborates with locals to modify design and deployment, and most importantly, to study vigilantly the two highest local concerns: the ice and our salmon.”

AlexAnna Salmon
President, lgiugig Village Council


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