At ORPC we have created a vibrant company culture with an innovative spirit dedicated to contributing to the common good. The core principles define our expectations of ourselves as individuals and team members. They promote and sustain the productive relationships that we have with our business partners and the communities where our projects flourish.


We are a team. We thrive in an environment of collaboration. The synergies from our teamwork result in creative, high quality work products. We share in these successes and failures as a team; we achieve together, and we improve together. We hold ourselves responsible as a team to be mutually supportive, treat each other as equals, embrace diversity, and keep each
other safe.

We are honest with ourselves and our work. We strive to align the meaning of our work with our personal values. We derive satisfaction from what we do with high standards of honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect for ourselves and others. We commit to personal and professional growth knowing that new levels of understanding and persistence are required to solve new challenges.

We innovate. We take pride in harnessing our creativity and ingenuity to continually improve the company’s technology, projects, and operations. Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation is intrinsic to who we are and integral to the success of our company.

We provide social and environmental benefits. ORPC was founded on the belief that the development and proliferation of renewable technologies are beneficial to the health of the Earth, and we value the contribution that our work makes to the societies that depend on a healthy environment for their well-being and prosperity.

We engage with our customers, stakeholders and investors. Our success is founded on listening and mutual engagement. We extend our attitudes of transparency and collaboration to all stakeholders. The solutions that we provide are practical and high-performing, and meet the needs most critical to their success, those defined by our customers and the communities they serve. We value our visionary investors and strive to fulfill their confidence in us.



The foundation of our approach to community engagement is early, frequent and transparent communication. Our model for outreach includes one-on-one discussions, public meetings, community informational fairs and discussions facilitated by neutral persons. From project conception to construction and execution, we strive to build trust, mutual respect and a sense of local ownership in the communities where projects are taking place.



Underscoring our core values, we prioritize hiring and training local contractors and existing marine users to support our projects, creating new jobs and business opportunities in host communities.

Project services provided by local contractors include:

Vessel Support During Operations

Dive Services

Marine Supplies

Marine Mammal Observation


ORPC improves people’s lives, and their environment, through sustainable energy solutions.

Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, ORPC brings marine renewable energy technology and project development solutions to its community and industrial partners, specializing in microgrid to utility-scale river and tidal energy applications, and underwater mobile power supplies for offshore energy applications. With a growth-oriented business model and an engaged workforce committed to collaboration with all stakeholders and customers, ORPC delivers practical, high performing, sustainable solutions that provide clean, affordable energy while ensuring positive economic results for all.

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