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ORPC’s Alaska river project set the record as the longest operating marine energy project in all of the Americas. The RivGen® Power System generates predictable, emission-free electricity from free-flowing river and tidal currents, reducing diesel use and connecting directly into a community’s existing grid using smart grid technology. Offering high renewable energy penetration on the grid, and a revolutionary baseload solution, ORPC power systems are the backbone of zero-carbon grids of the future.


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Headquartered in the U.S. with subsidiaries in Canada, Ireland and Chile, ORPC is a recognized leader in marine energy technology innovation and operational excellence. ORPC’s rise to a leadership position in the worldwide marine energy industry is based on an impressive record of continuous improvement and success. ORPC’s Alaska river project features the longest operating marine energy device in all of the Americas.


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“ORPC has become a trusted partner in our quest for sustainability. To have the means to produce our own energy gives us that much more autonomy.”

AlexAnna Salmon
President, Igiugig Village

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