ORPC’s Modular RivGen® Power System harnesses energy generated from river currents to provide renewable electricity to existing infrastructure. Designed for lower-velocity sites, the Modular RivGen Power System can be adapted to both utility-scale and distributed energy uses.


Versatile, scalable array. Compact modular units connect to create an array that can provide power to existing sites like hydroelectric facilities, canal waterworks, hospitals or electric vehicle charging stations.

Easy-to-integrate distributed power. Optimized for lower velocity sites and reduced cost, the Modular RivGen Power System is designed for ease of transport, installation, maintenance, inspection and retrieval.

Proven technology. The device utilizes ORPC’s patented cross-flow turbine generator unit, designed and constructed using advanced composites. It’s engineered to enhance hydrodynamic performance while withstanding harsh marine conditions.

Minimal environmental impact. As with all ORPC systems, the Modular RivGen system is emission-free, with limited impact to land, noise and viewshed. Design and careful siting of ORPC power systems minimize effects on the marine or aquatic environment, with no observed fish injuries or mortalities from hundreds of hours of video monitoring.


Millinocket, Maine
In partnership with Our Katahdin and funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, ORPC deployed a two-unit Modular RivGen array in 2023 in Millinocket, Maine. The project, which sits adjacent to Our Katahdin’s One North industrial site along Millinocket Stream, is demonstrating the system’s potential to provide resilient baseload power for uses like EV charging and critical infrastructure. The project has provided an opportunity for teams at top U.S. research universities and national labs, including University of Washington and Sandia National Laboratories, to conduct research through the Department of Energy’s TEAMER program. Learn more about the Modular RivGen demonstration project in a video produced by the U.S. Department of Energy.
Mississippi River, Louisiana
In September 2023, ORPC signed a contract with Shell Technology – Marine Renewable Program for the purchase of two next-generation Modular RivGen devices, to be deployed as a technology demonstration at a Shell facility on the Lower Mississippi River in 2024.
This next step in the collaboration between ORPC and Shell follows the assessment of three sites in the Lower Mississippi River, performed in partnership with Louisiana State University, for their potential to provide renewable, predictable electricity to Shell’s facilities onshore. Learn more about ORPC’s partnership with Shell in our press release.

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