ORPC’s TidGen® Power System harnesses energy from tidal currents to provide predictable, renewable power for community-scale microgrids and utility-scale electricity networks. It is designed to provide a low-cost energy alternative for deep water sites around the world.


Streamlined deployment. The TidGen device is designed for deep-water environments, operating underwater with no visible surface features and a buoyant tensioned mooring system that reduces installation cost and time, and minimizes seabed footprint.

Predictable, clean energy. Tides are predictable years in advance, making it possible to plan for and manage the power that tidal energy provides to a grid.

Optimized technology. ORPC’s tidal energy solution utilizes our patented cross-flow turbine generator unit, designed and constructed using advanced composites. It is engineered to enhance hydrodynamic performance while withstanding harsh marine conditions.

Minimal environmental impact. ORPC power system design and siting minimize effects to the marine environment. In Alaska, more than 100 million sockeye salmon smolts and 10 million sockeye salmon adults have passed by our turbines, with no observed injuries or mortalities from hundreds of hours of video monitoring. ORPC has also conducted extensive monitoring around its tidal systems in Maine with no evidence of injury or mortality.


In 2023, ORPC completed deployment and testing of a single-turbine version of the TidGen Power System at its federally-permitted Cobscook Bay test site in Eastport and Lubec, Maine. A full-scale device validation is planned for the same site in 2024 to 2025.
ORPC anticipates installing TidGen devices at other deep-water sites in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, Canada’s Bay of Fundy, Europe, the Philippines and Indonesia.
The TidGen Power System has applicability across the globe to provide reliable and predictable electricity to microgrid-driven, remote communities, as well as to grid-connected, coastal communities like Eastport striving to improve grid resiliency.
ORPC small TidGen device ahead of its deployment in Eastport, Maine.

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