The most suitable sites for marine energy projects have a combination of high current speeds and water depth, adequate sea or riverbed conditions, proximity to a grid connection, and interest on the part of the local community. Most importantly, marine energy devices must be deployed in such a way that they can coexist with marine life and human activities.

ORPC has in-house capabilities for collecting, monitoring, and evaluating
environmental data as a result of our numerous project development activities.

We have a track record of success in the following areas of
environmental, site and project feasibility assessment:

Numerical hydrodynamic

Acoustic Doppler current profiler
(ADCP) transects to determine
best resource locations

Deployment and retrieval of bottom
mounted ADCPs for detailed
resource measurements

Multi-beam sonar

Geophysical sub-bottom profiling

Hydraulic studies

Our site assessment form identifies the types of information
that are typically needed to evaluate a site or project.

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