ORPC is committed to providing a work environment that minimizes health risks to its employees. We strive to achieve excellence in safety performance, with an objective of zero incidents and no lost time injuries. We have implemented a comprehensive safety program committed to the following health and safety principles:

  • Responsibility and accountability for safety performance extends from the directors through all employees.
  • Our company leadership actively participates in the management of health and safety.
  • Our primary focus is on the elimination and control of risk hazards for our employees, contractors, visitors and the population potentially affected by our operations.
  • It is the right and responsibility of every employee to contribute to safe work performance.
  • We aim to minimize health risks through employee training emphasizing prevention and management of safe work practices.

More than just words on paper, ORPC strives to involve all employees in safety awareness, improvement and professionalism. We organize our approach through the ORPC Operations & Safety Training Academy, which provides branding and structure to the company’s efforts. This professional process facilitates increased knowledge and skills, fosters collaborative communications and teamwork, and strengthens relationships with host communities.


We implement our safety program through close consultation with MEMIC, the workers compensation insurance provider, who provides us with in-person trainers and the on-line Learning Management System. Other features of our program include expertise in site safety plans and safety briefings, safety requirements for contractors, incident investigation procedures and lessons learned, periodic third-party review of safety practices and adherence to COVID-19 protocols.

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