The RivGen Power System generates emission-free electricity from river currents which can significantly reduce diesel use and connects directly into existing grids using smart grid technology.

ORPC’s RivGen Power System project in collaboration with the Village of Igiugig, Alaska, features the longest operating marine energy project in all of the Americas. Many communities like Igiugig find their economies restricted by lack of access to affordable energy. ORPC offers communities control over their energy future, a sustainable source of locally-produced, renewable power, and the resulting economic benefits.

Constructed in modular fashion for ease of assembly, transport, installation and retrieval, and based on ORPC’s patented, common core technology, the RivGen Power System is easily scaled up or down in size.


Specifically designed for reliable operation in remote and rural areas where heavy lift equipment and large marine vessels are not always available, the RivGen Power System is designed to plug into existing off-grid systems without changing reliability or availability of electricity to the community.

Annual benefits to a representative, off-grid
community of installing a RivGen Power System:

  • 22,981 gallons of diesel saved
  • $70,781 saved on diesel fuel at a price of $3.08 per gallon
  • 414 metric tons CO2e avoided
  • 24/7/365 power
  • And 100% renewable electricity supply for 275 days (diesels-off)
  • Noise eliminated and environmental risk decreased

In areas of the world that are prone to natural disasters and disruptions in power supply, electric customers are deploying local renewable energy systems to secure a reliable and autonomous backup power supply. When integrated with other renewable energy sources, the predictable power generation from ORPC’s RivGen Power System creates a baseload-renewable energy supply capable of serving loads indefinitely.

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